Early Childhood, Family and Health Literacy: International Perspectives

Puchner, Laurel
Date of publication: 
Thu, 1995-06-01

This paper examines early childhood development, family, health, and
literacy, placing particular emphasis on the need to consider the
interrelationships between these factors when attempting to use literacy to
improve the quality of life of individuals in developing countries. The paper
provides a conceptual model of the interrelationships between the factors,
and then individually discusses the topics of early childhood development
and literacy, women and literacy, family issues in literacy, and health and
literacy. The author argues that literacy programs need to be integrated with
the social lives of individuals in order to bring about changes in human
development, and provides examples of ways in which such integration
may be done. The paper includes an annotated bibliography of major books
and articles on topics pertaining to the discussion.