Literacy in the Maldives

Hasan, Abdul R.
Date of publication: 
Mon, 1997-05-05

The Literacy and Neo Literacy Programme, conducted in the Maldives

which seeks to create an educated citizenry through achieving universal

literacy for adults stems from a growing awareness on the part of the planners

that no meaningful development can take place without the informed,

intelligent and meaningful participation of the masses who are seen not only

as the beneficiaries but also as the agents of the process of change. With the

belief that basic education of the masses is a necessary precondition for

development, the effort has been sustained meaningfully. Before launching

the programme which began on 1 January 1980 the goals and parameters of

the programme were conceived and delineated at various forums and then

the outlines of the programme were developed. The country got a head start

because of the high literacy rate estimated at 70% and comparable

participation rates at the primary level through a network of the traditional

indigenous institutions.