Literacy Through Oracy: The Rotary Foundation Litraid Project In Zimbabwe

Louw, E. William
Date of publication: 
Fri, 1996-01-12

The Zimbabwe LITRAID Project is a video-led, university level course of instruction for
Zimbabwean teachers in the late Primary and early Secondary Schools throughout Zimbabwe. It is
taught by distance means, including the use of video equipped vehicles which travel throughout
the country. The course was developed jointly by the University of Zimbabwe in partnership with
the Open University in England. Its development was funded by the Rotary Foundation to a total
of $300,000. The aims of the LITRAID project are to improve the reading and writing ability of
Zimbabwean school pupils in Shona, Ndebele and English through improving classroom
communication and oral interaction in schools. The project comprises five sections, each of which
has its own video program and block of academic materials. There is also a study guide and a
compendium of readings. Improvements in the literacy skills of Zimbabwean pupils have been
brought about through the program. This has been achieved by means of innovative and highly
interactive forms of teaching which teachers registered for LITRAID have to carry out and write up
as assignments in part fulfillment of the degree qualification in Literacy Studies to which the
LITRAID program leads.